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Container Villa (FR)

As said, in France in the town of Pont Péan, there are two very nice container homes side by side. Because of privacy, I can’t share the exact location, but if you study Google maps, you will find them.

The second home was constructed shortly after the famous crossbox, by the same company B3 Ecodesign.

Viewed from the front, there is one stack of 2 x 2 containers left and one stack of 1 x 2 containers on the right. These are connected via a hallway, with a toilet, storage and all technical stuff, with stairs going up to the second floor.

The living area on the left measures 12 m deep and 4,5 meter wide with a open plan kitchen and access to the garden. On the right of the hallway, there is a small garage, and study/hobby room.

On the first floor on the right, a guest bedroom with own small bathroom and the main bathroom are located. Both measure 6 m wide and 2,20 deep, giving pletty of space.

On the other side, 2 smaller bedrooms and one master bedroom is situated, measuring twice 3m by 4,5m and one 6m by 4,5m.

The outside of the house is finished with red panels and dark wood. The hallway between the two stacks is mostly glass windows, which creates a lot of light inside.

A couple of year’s ago, it was actually for sale for over 400.000 Euro, giving credits to the quality of the design and construction.

Simple design, but very modern and effective

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