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Irish beauty

Container houses come in different types and sizes, but the following example from Ireland is absolutely perfect. It uses the strong points of a container, bridging the height difference of the landscape and creating a strong cantilever effect.

The entrance is located on the front of the top container, opening up to the kitchen and livingroom. The full-sized window gives a fantastic view over the surrounding landscape. Downstairs, the bathroom and bedroom is located.

The outside is cladded with corten steel, dark metal sheeting and wood. It fits perfectly in the surroundings, enhancing the location without standing out too much.

The owner, an architect, faced a lot of scepsis from friends and family, but in the end he showed everyone that it can be done. And done well!

The structure consists of four 45ft HC containers stacked in a cantilever construction. Doing so, will need more metal work, as the strong corner points are not used. The side and top rail of a container needs additional strengthening before it can be stacked in such a way. 45ft HC containers actually have no top rail, so when removing a complete wall, it will always need additional support.

This container home was also featured in the well known Britisch serie Grand Designs. You can view a short video here:

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