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It’s amazing to see, once you start digging, how many good quality container homes already exist in Europe. Don’t get me wrong, the examples from USA, Australia or New-Zealand are also great, but I am looking for European examples as building codes in Europe are much more stringent and design options are much more limited. In the USA or down-under, leaving the original outside of the container exposed is done very often, but in Europe and especially in the Netherlands, this is a big issue. It has to look like a regular home, not a bunch of stacked containers and here lies the real challenge for designers and constructors.

Recently I stumbled across a news article about a construction company in the Netherlands working on an entire neighborhood with container homes.

Artist impression of the new neighborhood

They even posted a video on Youtube showing details of the construction. In the video you can see how the windows and doors are structurally enforced, how internal walls are formed and what structural measures have been added to ensure the stability. The house in de video consists of three 45ft High Cube containers for the ground flour. First and second floor are each two 40ft High Cube containers, creating a building outline of roughly 9 meters tall, 13,7 meters in length and 7,20 meters in width. First and second floor are 12,20 meters in length and 4,80 meters wide.

The use of 45ft containers creates an extension on the back of the building of roughly 1,5 meter, but the downside is the pole in the middle of the room to support to corner post of the first and second floor.

Exterior framing is bolted on the container, to create a seamless finish on the outside. Details on the insulation are unknown, but I will try to cover that in a later post.

Enjoy this short but valuable video!

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