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Container villa zeist (NL)

It’s amazing to see that building with containers is getting a foothold in the Netherlands. Design company Qupus designed an amazing villa in the woods in Zeist using six 40ft High Cube containers. The four containers used for the upper floor are supported by a steel structure, thus forming the downstairs living room. The entire building is built on top of a concrete basement forming the garage.

The images below show a very well designed building, utilizing the strong point of a container as a building material. A ready to use steel module, that can be placed very fast. In this design, the steel structure supporting the upper four containers will require more structural calculations. Containers are the strongest when stacked on the corner posts. In that configuration a container can hold up to 60 metric tonnes* per corner post. But in this design the additional structural work paid off with a great open spaced living room.

* The maximum number of stacking loaded containers is nine containers high, with an average of 30 tonnes per container, resulting in 240 tonnes on just four corner posts.

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Large open living room with the t-shaped support structure barely visible.
The two containers on the ground floor on top of the concrete basement.
View from the street towards the back of the house.
View from the front, with the concrete basement clearly visible.

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