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ContainerHome Dordrecht (NL)

Recently I came into contact with an architect from the Netherlands who has a lot of experience with designing container homes. Some of their homes have been featured on this website already, for example the container neighborhood in Dordrecht. The company has sent me some beautiful examples, one of them being located in a new suburb of Dordrecht.

The final rendering shows a modern contemporary building with a sloped roof. Most of the containerhomes have a flat roof, but by adding a sloped roof it is undistinguishable from other houses.

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The building is constructed on-site using both 40ft and 20ft high-cube containers and traditional framing techniques. From the image below we can see that the left part is constructed using 4 stacked 40ft containers. On the right two 20ft containers are stacked, creating a very nice seating area on the corner. These are subtle design master pieces that take away the boxed shape and turn a pile of stacked containers in a modern and comfortable home. I love it!


I will receive more images as soon as these are available. Stay tuned for more great and inspiring examples of container homes in Europe.

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