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Containerhome maastricht (NL)

Situated at the edge of Maastricht, a city in the far south of the Netherlands, this beautiful house is being constructed using shipping containers. With a surface area of 230 square meters, it’s a big house for Dutch standards, but according to the company building it costs are roughly 30% lower than traditional building methods. Construction time is also much shorter, especially the time on the building site itself. The completed modules are shipped, stacked and connected within 1 or 2 days, with the final house being completed in a matter of weeks.

If you view the video, please note the ceiling where you can see the connection joints between two containers. By adding insulation on top of the container, the maximum height of a high-cube container is utilized. In some parts of the house, they even opted to show the original roof of the container, giving a more industrial feel to the room. In total seven containers were used, stacked as intended on the corner posts giving it maximum strength.

Again a great example of a modern house, created with shipping containers. Built by

Enjoy the video!

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